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Vintage Guitar Amp Repair & Restoration

BACKLINE repairs all kinds of guitar and bass amps including solid state and modeling amps, and we service many brands under warranty. However, we specialize in repairing vintage tube amps by Fender, Marshall, Ampeg, Vox, Hiwatt, and others. Whether your fave Marshall 1959 needs a tune-up, or you want to revive a rare Fender Twin that's been in storage, we can make your gear look and sound its best.

We handle all aspects of guitar amps and bass amps from the electronics (e.g., power supply overhauls and re-capping) to the speakers (e.g., recones, replacements) to the tubes (e.g., re-tubing, biasing).

Backline carries a wide variety of tubes.
We carry a wide selection of tubes for all kinds of tube amp.
We are musicians and vintage gear enthusiasts ourselves. We don't just use test equipment to repair your gear - we use our ears too, ensuring that your gear passes a thorough "play and listen" test before the repair is complete.

Tube replacement

Choosing the right tubes for your amp can help you achieve the tone you want. With our large stock of various tube brands including Mesa, Sovtek, Ruby, JJ and others, you have lots of options to choose from.

We also offer a 30-day warranty on our tubes, ensuring that you're covered against possible premature tube failure.

Marshall mod horror
Marshall 1959 mod horror: this is what amps have nightmares about!

Removal of mods (modifications)

Mods often do little to improve an amp's performance, while usually compromising its reliability and resale value. There is a dazzling array of effects pedals available today making many mods of the past unnecessary. Also, poorly-executed mods turn amps into serious electrocution hazards! We've seen far too many "bozo mods".

Removing mods to restore your amp to its original state will help your amp maintain its value. Amps, just like guitars, are much more collectable when they're in stock condition.

Aesthetic restoration

Although these days Backline is too busy with repairs to focus on aesthetic restoration work, we can do minor things to spruce up your amp such as re-glueing tears in Tolex, replacing missing corners and handles if we have them in stock, etc. If you'd like this done, please request it when dropping off your amp.

If you need a more involved aesthetic restoration, we'll be happy to recommend places that can do this for you.

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