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People say about our repairs:

Vintage Keyboard Repair & Restoration

As well as repairing music keyboards of all ages and brands (some under warranty), BACKLINE also services most types of vintage keyboards from electric pianos like Rhodes and Wurlitzer 200/200A's, to electronic keyboards and synthesizers by Moog, ARP, Roland, Korg, Yamaha and others.

Whether you need your Wurlitzer 200 tuned, or you're preparing a collectible Moog synthesizer for sale on Ebay, we know how to keep your rare and collectable gear in top condition or bring your ailing vintage pieces back to life.

Electric piano, keyboard & synthesizer repair

Electric pianos used in the home or studio, and especially on tour, should have regular maintenance. We have worked on hundreds of Rhodes and Wurly's, and we can repair all aspects of electric pianos from the mechanical parts to the electronics.

Not limited to pianos, we are also experienced at troubleshooting and repairing synthesizers by Moog, ARP, Roland, Korg, and Yamaha.

We are musicians and vintage gear enthusiasts ourselves. We don't just use test equipment to repair your gear - we use our ears too, ensuring that your gear passes a thorough "play and listen" test before the repair is complete.

Keyboard and synthesizer restoration

BACKLINE repairs & restores vintage keyboards, synths & electric pianos. Full restoration is good idea for older pieces, especially if they have been in storage for an extended period.

Keyboard restoration often involves internal cleaning for performance and reliability; reconditioning power supplies; cleaning key contacts; flushing and re-lubing pots, rotary switches and slide switches; cleaning/reconditioning internal contacts and connectors; and calibration.

We are happy to remove mods, and we can maximize your gear's performance while keeping it as stock as possible.

Our 25 years' combined experience, vast collection of vintage gear schematics and parts, and network of vintage parts suppliers helps us give your gear new life.

Aesthetic restoration

We understand that you want your gear to function, sound and look its best, so we pay special attention to aesthetic restoration too. We can manually clean every knob and key, the chassis, and clean and touch up "woodwork".

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